BEC Announces Topics for Speaker Series and Youth Team Series

CAMBRIDGE - Baseball Ontario is proud to announce the topics that will be covered during the 2024 BEC Speaker Series and Youth Team Series in the BEC Theatre.

Dan McDonnell
Head Coach, University of Louisville

  1. Baserunning to score more runs
  2. Maximizing Practice Time: Offensive and Defensive Drills
  3. Team Motivation: Bringing your Team Together

Tim DeJohn
Minor League Infield Coordinator, Baltimore Orioles

  1. Infield Skills - Part 1 
  2. Infield Skills - Part 2
  3. Infield Drills

Nate Thompson
Hitting Coach, University of Arkansas

  1. Approach Development & the Mechanics of the Elite Hitter
  2. Razorback Movement & Drill Program
  3. The Difference Maker: Perspective/Mindset/Mental Game

Tracey Hayes
Mobility Expert

  1. Mastering the Pre-Game Warmup and post-game recovery
  2. Keeping Pitchers Healthy with Mobility Training

Robin Lund
Assistant Pitching Coach, Detroit Tigers

  1. Motor Learning for improving movement efficiency 
  2. Biomechanics of the first move in the pitching delivery 
  3. Developing a system to assess pitch quality 

Aaron Gershenfeld
Defensive Coordinator, New York Yankees

  1. The Practice Environment
  2. Developing the 6th Tool
  3. Calculated Coaching

2023 Youth Team Speaker Series

at BEC Theatre

JG Larocque
Head Coach, Ontario Youth Team

  1. Mental Performance: How to Integrate it in Practice and Use in Games
  2. Catching Fundamentals

Shawn Schaefer
Assistant Coach, Ontario Youth Team

  1. Pitching Mechanics

Perry Scott
Assistant Coach, Ontario Youth Team

  1. Infield: Preparing before the 1st Pitch

Geoff Allen
Assistant Coach, Ontario Youth Team

  1. Planning a Youth Baseball Season in Ontario: Tryouts to OBAs

Samantha Magalas
Former Canadian National Team Player


Ashley Stephenson
Position Coach, Vancouver Canadians

  1. Outfield Defense Fundamentals

Scott Robinson
Former Head Coach, Ontario Youth Team

  1. Bullpens: From Practices to In-Game

David Quattrociocchi
Former Head Coach, Ontario Youth Team

      1. A Coaches Guide to Hitting Fundamentals

Rick Johnston
Former Canadian National Team Hitting Coach

  1. Improve Your Team Baserunning

Sean Travers
Director of Player Development, HPP Tigers

  1. Everyday Drills

The 2024 Best Ever Coaches Clinic returns to the Sheraton Toronto Airport from January 12-14, 2024. It features a line-up of knowledgeable guest speakers, an 8U-13U Youth Team education series, vendors, and much more! To register, visit

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